Jason Chiupka

profile: Jason Chuipka, M.A., RPA is an archaeologist with Woods Canyon Archaeological Consultants, Inc. Jason has been working with the National Forest Service and other stakeholders in the 4 Corners to test excavate numerous sites before infrastructure development, such as the Animus – La Plata reservoir project. In the course of these investigations, Jason has accumulated a vast storehouse of knowledge and detail of the Ancestral Pueblo settlements near Chimney Rock, and is a frequent speaker at the Chimney Rock Interpretive Association.

presentation: “Cultural Landscapes and Deep History in the Upper San Juan Region of the American Southwest”

abstract: Communities of people transform physical spaces into meaningful places through their daily activities, beliefs and values. From this perspective, landscapes are not considered to be synonymous with natural environments, but are instead viewed as cultural products: the external world mediated through subjective human experience. This discussion will present an overview and context for cultural landscape research in archaeology in order to examine the cultural landscapes and deep history of the Upper San Juan region of the American Southwest. It will conclude by proposing future research directions for the complex of late Pueblo II period, (A.D. 1050-1150) sites around Chimney Rock Mesa in southwestern Colorado.

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