G B Cornucopia

profile: G B Cornucopia has been a park ranger at Chaco Culture National Historic Park for 25 years. He first came to Chaco as a visitor and seeker of dark skies in 1986. An avid astronomer, he found Chaco an ideal location for both naked eye astronomy and deep sky investigations through telescopes. Encouraged by his fellow visitors’ interest in the night sky he helped develop astronomy programs as a park ranger, leading to the establishment in 1988, of a permanent donated observatory near Chaco’s visitor center. Staffed mostly by dedicated volunteers the facility has served thousands of visitors yearly, introducing them to astronomy, dark sky issues, and the study of archaeoastronomy. G B has been, and still is, the featured interpretive guide to the ancient ruins of Chaco, and holds night sky programs for amateur astronomers throughout the year.

Feature Presentation: Conference Banquet, Monday, June 13th

“The Interpreter’s Dream”

abstract: The Interpreter and guide at Chaco Canyon National Historic Park, a world heritage monument, has unique challenges and responsibilities to his public. As liaison between the visitors to the Park, Native Americans, and the many researchers who study the almost endless aspects of the Canyon, the interpreter must be multilingual, accurate and reasonably entertaining, all the while acknowledging his debt to the researchers without biasing the visitor’s experience. And the question is: Can this even be done? I will give it my best shot, while sharing my many experiences.

This question is woven through this interpreter’s 25 years of living and working in Chaco!

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