Fabio Silva

Fabio surveys a Megalithic Dolmen

Profile: Fabio Silva is a fellow of several institutions: Sophia Center for the Study of Cosmology in Cultures, University of Wales Trinity Saint David; UK & AHRC Center for the Evolution of Cultural Diversity, Institute of Archaeology, University College London, UK.

Presentation: “Equinoctial Full Moons: The Lunar Definition of Equinox”?

Abstract: The Full Moon closest to each Equinox has some observational particularities that make it not only a more obvious event than the equinox itself, but also make it more predictable. These Equinoctial Full Moons mark the point in time in which the Sun and the Full Moon crossover in respect to the celestial equator. The crossover point was first introduced by Da Silva in 2004 as an explanation for certain orientations of megalithic monuments in Europe which seemed intentionally to avoid true East. The Equinoctial Full Moon has the benefits of empirical predictability and ease of observation, but lacks periodicity in the solar calendar. In this presentation the concept of Equinoctial Full Moon and its empirical particularities will be considered. The archaeoastronomical material will be briefly reviewed and will be expanded by drawing on several examples from the Upper Paleolithic, the Judeo-Christian Tradition, and other cases of Equinoctial Full Moon watching from American ethnography and mythology.

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